Nestable, very light weight euro-pallet

The Nest E5.1 is a modern order-picking pallet with a million units already in use. Many European businesses rely on this plastic pallet when transporting goods from the distribution warehouse to the sales floor. They are convinced of its advantages over the traditional wooden Euro pallet.


Technical data *¹

Article number Bottom support upper deck Dimensions [mm] Load capacity [kg]*² Weight [kg]
Static Dynamic Racking PO
Nest E5.1 (OD-9F) 9 feet, nestable open deck 1200 x 800 x 140 2800 1200 7,5
Entry: 4 ways    Nesting height: 55 mm      Safety rim: 5 mm

Truck loads

Version Standard Truck Mega-Trailer Jumbo Truck 40′ HC Container
Stack Total Stack Total Stack Total Stack Total
Nest E5.1 (OD-9F) 40 1320 50 1650 50 1900 44 1100


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