Nestable euro-size plastic pallet for medium loads

This robust load carrier is the universal Euro-size pallet for medium loads. It comes in two versions. In the 9-foot nestable version, it saves floor space and transport costs. The version with 3 runners can be used with conveyor technology and bears up to 500 kg in high racks.


Technical data *¹

Article number Bottom support upper deck Dimensions [mm] Load capacity [kg]*² Weight [kg]
Static Dynamic Racking HDPE PO
Nest E5 (OD-9F) 9 feet, nestable open deck 1200 x 800 x 140 3200 1200 8,0 9,0
Entry: 4 ways      Nesting height: 44 mm      Safety rim: 6 mm

Truck loads

Version Standard Truck Mega-Trailer Jumbo Truck 40′ HC Container
Stack Total Stack Total Stack Total Stack Total
Nest E5 (OD-9F) 50 1650 60 1980 60 2280 52 1248


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