Extremely light weight, nestable plastic half pallet

The light Nest H1 is best suited as a display and export pallet. Its special foot construction allows transport on roll conveyors. At the same time, the pallets can be nested to save space during transport or in the warehouse.


Technical data *¹

Article number Bottom support upper deck Dimensions [mm] Load capacity [kg]*² Weight [kg]
Static Dynamic Racking PO HDPE
Nest H1 (OD-9F) 9 feet, nestable open deck 800 x 600 x 120 2000 500 3,0 3,0
Entry: 2 ways Nesting height: 37 mm Safety rim: –

Truck loads

Version Standard Truck Mega-Trailer Jumbo Truck 40' HC Container
Stack Total Stack Total Stack Total Stack Total
Nest H1 (OD-9F) 120 3960 120 3960 120 4560 120 3000


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