Twistlock Box

Twistlock Box

The fold able Twistlock Box with an innovative active locking system is easy to use and can be folded and built up again in next to no time.



Properties and advantages

Very easy to handle

  • Brand new Twistlock locking system
  • Handles on all sides
  • Mixed stacking 3400 and 6400 boxes

Very stable

  • Up to 500 kg static pressure resistance in the stack, 300 kg dynamic
  • Reduces transport breakage
  • For rapid order picking

Very hygienic

  • Flat and smooth surfaces
  • Very easy to clean, low amount of residual water
  • Easy removal of adhesive labels

Very protective

  • Smooth inner surfaces
  • Smooth bottom side
  • Optimal ventilation

Extremely attractive and eco-friendly

  • Attractive design
  • Fewer empty transports = less CO2
  • Recyclable multiple times

Very cost saving

  • Optimized inside volume
  • Perfect volume reduction
  • Can be automate


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